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Balinese magic in the air

Kites to fight climate change with harmony

Balinese artist/kite maker, Kadek Armika tells the stories of the incredible kite traditions of Bali…

A mixture of craftmanship, tradition and spirituality gets mixed to bring one of the top kite experiences in the world.

Not our video but we can not resist to share this amazing kite flying from all over the world when we find it … This is Kite Flying!

FIFA 2018 worldcup project

The biggest kite media coverage ever!

The oppening ceremony of the FIFA worldcup 2018 had one of the best kite crews ever put toghether. Quad kites and single liners were an important part of the ceremony.

With like 100 million people watching it, the Opening Ceremony has been the biggest media coverage for kites ever, an amazing oportunity and a magnificent show.

Mike Loskow was the mind behind the scenes and the one to thank, he gave us the oportunity of being part of it by making the quad kites for the show, we will forever be proud of having been a part of that one of a kind experience.

Our congratulations to the crew of authentic professionals which made possible that fantastic and succesfull lessons on what kites can do!

And even more … Mike took the project an step forward and gave birth to the Black Sails Project, we will explain you more about it, but those beautifull black kites are not collecting dust but being put to very good use!


And in case you missed the broadcast .. here you have it!

Warhol kites

LH kites at Palm Springs Art Museum

Sometimes that life of making kites takes you to unexpected and marvelous places. This is one of our all time favourites.

Our beloved friend Sebastien Clarke was invited to do a kite show at the Art Event 2018 gala on Palm Springs Art Museum, we were comisioned to make the kites for the event.

What a priviledge being able to work with such amazing artwork, what a priviledge to have Sebastien (one of the world’s most reputated kite fliers and a star on Cirque du Soleil’s Toruk show …) fly them.

Warhol banana made into a quad kite is one of the most amazing kites we’ve been involved, we printed the fabric and Sebastien did the manufacturing, chapeau my friend!

We let you enjoy some images of the event so you can have a little taste of how it went … jealous we couldn’t be there!