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Detox Manufacturing Insights

What it takes to build a competition machine

There is a lot more to our kites than what is apparent. They are designed and manufactured with competition and competitors in mind and today we would like to give you some insights into the process of bringing one of these pieces of (in our opinion) art, to life.

In these videos, we share with you our almost 30 years of expertise in making and developing kites and techniques to make them better. Its been a taught decision to publish this content, its taken literally decades of work to arrive at these techniques we are showing here, but we believe that it is important to share them.

As a competitor using our top-level kites, you must be able to, not only service your kite but fully understand the nitty-gritty on it. The downside is that we are releasing a lot of information that can be copied and misused, well life is like that and we trust in the honesty of people, yeap, quite naif but is how we are.

By no means we pretend that these techniques are the best or better than anybody else, it is just the way we do things and what works for us. We sincerely hope you’ll grab some tricks you can use or at least have a good time watching it. Now enjoy the videos!

Introduction and first connector

Here we show you how we put toghether the top leading edge connector. Quite some interesting techniques and improvements explained.

Lower wingtip

Here we show you how to put toghether the knot-less bungee connector, an amazing development by Los Hermanos that will probably amaze you as it is a technique ‘delicatessen’

Leading edge wingtip

Part one of the two step process to mount the leading edge wingtip connector , again a fantastic piece that deserves a deep explanation. Here you’ll find how to properly handle the wingtip line in case you take it off the kite, easy when you know how.

The bridle part one

Our process to make a competition bridle for a quad kite, our technique allow us to make perfect bridles every single time with perfect replicability between different kites.

We feel really proud of our technique to do that.

The bridle part two

We keep building up the bridle and showing you what it takes to make a perfect bridle every time.

The bridle part three

We finish the bridle and show you the second part of the LE wingtip connector. With that the kite is finished.

And that was it, we hope you’ll enjoy the information and find it usefull. Comment below if you need any further explanations or want to share with us and the comunity your experience or feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts!

And if you want us to shoot more videos like that ones just ask us what you like to know next and we’ll see what we can do!

Thanks for watching!

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Cable management trick


Making life easier in the shop

Just a little trick we use in the shop for hot cutting fabric. We are always looking for these little things to make our life  a bit easier and help improve quality at the same time. If the tool is easier to handle then the work tends to be better. Just a quick one.