The results speak for themselves

From the incredible mind and talent of Stephen Versteegh combined with the engineering of los Hermanos we are proud to introduce the all improved Detox 2019.

Detox helped Stephen Versteegh to win the last European Championships and keep earning top places with Daniel Hoath winning UK 2019 quadline individual  champion and pairs with his dad Stephen Hoath too!

There must be something about that beauty.

So what makes the Detox such a special quad? Well, let’s find out.

Detox is a complete redesign over the classic quadline kite concept. The incredible mind of Stephen Versteegh designed the first (and so far only) 3D shaped quad sail for the Detox. That single fact makes the kite completely different in-flight to anything you might have tried before. The kite does not need the wind nor any pressure to take its perfect shape in flight, which occurs with all quads, it always keeps its designed shape no matter what.

The next big thing is the materials chosen, it is made in Icarex and another tricky material which, at the same weight, allows for stretch in the center panel. Just the right amount of stretch to let the kite take that perfect shape in flight. The only downside to that configuration is aesthetics in the ground, it might look a bit wrinkled and that is by design, the kite is made to have a perfect shape in the air, not grounded. And it does.

Sized in between the classic sizes 1 and 1.5 at 250 cm, which makes for the perfect balance between presence in the air and the aggressive flight that top pilots need for their tools. Because this is not just a kite, it is a flying toolunlike any other. Another genius idea from Mr. Versteegh, framing, by using a mixture of classic size 1 and 1.5 it gets to the desired size by using just standard-sized spars.

Due to its design, the windrange of Detox is just amazing. With a range of Standard, SemiVented, Vented and XtraVented we cover the full windrange. But we are never happy and that is why there will be two more versions available later this year, the SupeUltraLight for close to no wind and the Tempest version for those days when you need stones in your pockets … 6 different sails that will leave no conditions out of range. And our extensive color chart leaves no taste without a favourite.

It flies backward like nothing you’ve seen before, it does all the tricks in the book and all the nice stuff you are used to with unparalleled precision, all of a sudden it is like you put rails in the sky.

But where it shines is when you fly with some friends. It is designed to be the perfect companion for teams, offering a wide range of advantages you’ll find nowhere else. We have shaved all tangling parts off the kite. As a team flier you know tangling in mid-air is a common failure (if not the most common) and we are in the fight to help you avoid it.

The new rock-solid wingtips allow for a knot-free mounting of the kite and all the bits that can get tangled are gone. No more sticking your kite onto the bungees of your mate’s kite.

The bridle is the next biggest tangling culprit, knots are always looking for trouble. That is why we just got rid of them all, not a single knot is left in the whole attachment of the bridle. Actually, the bridle exits directly from the connector with nothing to be seen other than the line, as clean as that.

That was no easy task, it’s taken months of solid research, and the only way we’ve been able to make it is by designing (and manufacturing in house) a new range of connectors for the kite (we call them DetoNectors!). Three different ones actually, because each mounting of the kite has different requirements and you know, one hat cant fit all heads! We even make the bungee knot to disappear like magic … no knots even in the bungee!

We are far from perfect and that is why we have created the Detox Research Team, a small collective with some of our best friends and competitive kitefliers. We have talked intensively on what the needs of competitive kite fliers are. Things that we can not think about as we do not compete … and some new ideas and improvements have born from them. One of our favorites is the new leading lines.

When you do team fly, your lines (your pretty expensive and valued lines) get quite a punishment when crossing with the leading edge of other kites in the team, in maneuvers like kissing it is pretty obvious, but it happens all the time. We decided to save them and have included long lead lines in our new bridle.

The lead lines are easily interchangeable, so if they break you can always put some new ones, you can think of it like a fuse. They are available in different sizes and weights from us, or you can make your own easily. An added benefit is that they can provide some drag in high wind conditions if you choose to use really thick ones …

We have toughened up the kite, a lot. Every single wear point has been reinforced. We use thick webbing to reinforce the contact point of the vertical spars with the leading edge, no more holes there. The infamous sawing effect of the vertical spars against the sail is gone, with our new bungee-less leading edge there is no saw effect, thus there is no wearing and no horrible mylar stripe needed (we have always hated it …). And all this while keeping the weight! Just the same as always.

Talking of elastics, we got rid of most of them. They are not really needed and getting rid of them allows for a much cleaner and stronger construction. The wingtips are now completely clean, the bridle comes out straight from the vinyl endcap, that is it. You can apply as much tension to the LE as you like effortlessly. There are 6 layers of reinforcement in some points and some thick hidden kevlar lines take care of the strength required. Nothing to be seen outside… all is hidden for better aesthetics and performance.

The top attachment of the vertical spars is also made with no bungee. A clever double loop of line makes for a strong yet discrete and tangle-free attachment of the spar to the sail. The needed elasticity is provided by the only bungee we kept on the sail at the lower wingtips which also provide the capability of tuning the stiffness of the sail (although they come fine tuned from us).

We could have made it to be flat at the top, in the connection to the LE, and was the plan, but from the research group came the fact that the little protrusion off the LE is necessary sometimes so the kite can ‘grab’ ground and allow for the sail to catch wind when laying flat to the ground, otherwise it would just slide …. Details from the masters.

And then the unnecessary bits that we love. We like to think we make the kites we would love to buy and that is no exception. We put some details on it that we love.

Our new 100% ORIGINAL logo means a lot to us. It is there to state out loud that our kites are 100% made in our workshop by our very own hands (the same that are writing this actually…). Nothing wrong with Chinese mass-produced kites but ours are 100% manufactured by our very hands and the patch is there to prove it. With us, you know for real who made your kite.

As a small bonus we devoted the other wingtip to the nametag, there is a specific spot for the numbering of the kite (they are all numbered) and for your name to be put on it. It is sad but kites get sometimes lost (or even worst, stolen) and having your name and contact permanently attached to the kite can be really helpful. We think in details … yeap.

And here comes the little thing that we love … magnets! There are some good reasons for that but we just love the fact that we managed to use magnets on a quad! We’ll explain.

When you compete you really need to manage kites fast as you get in and out of the main arena. You have to carry full sets of kites from place to place and you need to park many kites on the ground very often. Until now the solution for grounding has been to put a spike through the center of the bridle and to the ground so the kite stays there. To leave the lines attached to the kite and rolled in the handles (for transportation to the main arena and other displacements) the standard is to velcro the handles through the same point in the bridle. The side effect is fatigue on the bridle, making for a weak point over time. We don’t like it and we fixed it!

Here comes the magnetic bit … We have included a small magnet in the center of the leading edge, embedded on it. And we have devised a removable magnetic tab that attaches to the LE in the center, just in the same hole as the bridle. This provides an attachment point for your lines and a place to stake your kite to the ground that is completely separated from your nice valued bridles and that will exert no wear on them.

When not in use it just attaches magnetically to the back of the kite to just disappear. Even better if you don’t like it, it is easily removable so you can just get rid of the thing and that’s it.

And hey, now you have a magnet on the kite to attach things … you can have a tail on it that will just detach off the kite in case of it getting tangled or if someone catches it (children, dogs … you know …) We believe there are many new ideas to come from that tiny little change …

There is a lot already said about it, but we want to leave no questions without answer and that is why there is a support area in this same page where you can ask us and the research team whatever you like o know about the kite. If you want to stay up to date with the Detox you are also welcome to become a fan of the Detox FB page where we post everything Detox related. And of course, if you feel you have any improvements to be made on the kite we would love to hear about it, we learn from you and  Detox is an always evolving project!

 Detox FB fan page

Last but not least, we are relentless travelers and will make everything we can to put a Detox on your hands so you can try it at some kite festival soon!

See you there!

We know that was tempting enough for you so … hit that link to the right and get you own Detox with your favourite color, even better, plan for a full set … we know you will not have enough with just one, you’re gonna want to fly it everyday on every wind!



Detox 2019

339,00399,00 Plus VAT

Setting new standards in quadline technology

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