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Two years of development, countless hours of testing, prototyping, and, more than anything, a passion for continuous development had led to the born of a new kite, Detox SUL.

Detox was designed from the ground up by Stephen Versteegh with just one objective in mind, to have the best possible tool to compete at the top level in quad line kite competition, and he brought to the kiting world what we believe is the perfect kite for the serious competitor.

But there was a missing piece, a very delicate and challenging one, a kite for very low winds … and here comes the SUL.

SUL is a new concept, again, on the Detox family. It is a very unique kite devised for these days when nobody can fly for lack of enough wind. We will make it clear up front, this is not an indoor kite, there is no indoor competition, this is a low wind kite, the best we have ever flown.

With SUL we have managed to get the competitor fully covered for any weather conditions he can find in competition, with a sail perfectly suited for every wind range. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of that beauty.

The design is an evolution of the standard Detox, in our opinion, minimalistic engineering at its best. We have slimmed down the Standard to the bare bones, every single gram that we have managed to pull off the kite has been taken.

That makes for an amazing number … the kite, ready to fly, weight just a tad under 120 grams, yes you read right, 120 grams!! A standard weight roughly 200 gr and a full vented 250 gr… now that is something, a 40% weight reduction compared to a standard!!.

We have done so without sacrificing any durability of the kite and keeping the general aesthetics of it to fit perfectly with the rest of the sails. We would love to say that the behavior is just the same as the rest of the range, but wouldn’t be fair, it is a different beast.

Bear in mind that flying in very low winds makes for a different flying technique and there will always a learning curve. But, once you get the feeling of it, you can perform the SAME routines that you already fly with the standard, just in much less wind. SUL is here to help you learn the low wind techniques, your perfect companion.

Al maneuvers are possible with SUL, same precision, tracking, trickability, and presence in the sky, quite a feat if you ask us.

So, how did we do it? Many things are unique to the SUL. Let’s analyze some of them.

The sail itself is still 3D shaped, but it has been increased in area to make a bigger sail that catches more wind and handles easier. The mesh in the LE has been discarded and the general shape of the kite has been modified, ever so slightly, to perfectly fit its frame.

Talking of which, it is framed in Skyshark. We used 2P (straight) for the LE and 2PT (conical) for the verticals. At 9.5 gr each, they are super light, with the right flex on them, and perfect for that use.

The manufacturing of the sail itself has been thinned down to the limit too. All back reinforcements are gone, the LE is made of ripstop instead of dacron, the reinforcements left had been shrunk to the absolute minimum. Even the fittings had been shaved to the smallest possible. That is the magic to get to those 120grams …

Then for performance. The conventional bridle we use in the rest of the range was not the best suited for the SUL, so Mr. Versteegh devised another of his genius concepts, a half bridle.

We like to fly indoor quads with no bridle, it works great and offers numerous advantages. But that was not enough for SUL, we needed to give support to the LE so we can use a really thin and light frame.

The solution? the bridle got thinned down to the limit by using just what was needed to give that support, the top part. Amazingly enough, it works wonderfully and keeps the same design philosophy of knot-free – tangle-proof kite.

To achieve perfect kites, we keep improving our toolset on the shop and SUL is the best example.

It is the first kite from Los Hermanos fully laser cut. All parts of the kite are now cut with sub-mm precision, no patterns anymore which are always subject to human failure, perfect pieces every time, perfect symmetry, perfect… everything.

BTW, we designed and put together the laser cutter ourselves … we love getting in trouble!

There are tons of technical details embedded in the design, it took 2 years to develop for a reason… but we want to explain a single detail, again from the genius mind of Mr. Versteegh.

The verticals are conical. The obvious way to fit the spar to the frame is to put the thick side to the LE and the thin to the lower wingtip. We do it the opposite way, pretty counterintuitive but amazingly interesting.

If you think of the shape of the kite, it is 3D, which means that there is a camber in the sail while in flight. When you put a conical spar under tension you get a bowed shape, more pronounced towards the thin side, ie forming an asymmetrical curve. We use that behavior to our advantage by inverting the spar and making it follow the shape of the camber for even better handling of the kite.

And to make it foolproof, the fittings, which are unique to the kite, are designed in a way that makes it impossible to put it together wrong. Details, you know …

You can have the same colors as always plus a new one, Florian color. It is a little homage to the great photographer and friend Florian Czech which is the eye behind the gorgeous pics you are watching here. You can have it too.

Custom color combos available at no extra cost and the fastest delivery on the market. We manufacture ourselves in the EU and our compromise is to deliver within 2 to 4 weeks, and that is the maximum, normally even less.

Of course, we can write books on the subject but believe you have a good idea now of what an SUL is, the best thing to do next? try one for yourself, you will not regret it!

Last but not least, SUL is the cheapest Detox available, it takes less work to be manufactured and we love to be fair to our customers/friends.

If you have never tried Detox this might well be the perfect opportunity to have one for yourself! We know it’ll be the first of many …

There is a lot already said about it, but we want to leave no questions without answer and that is why there is a support area in this site where you can ask us and the research team whatever you like to know about the kite.

If you want to stay up to date with the Detox you are also welcome to become a fan of the Detox FB page where we post everything Detox related. And of course, if you feel you have any improvements to be made on the kite we would love to hear about it, we learn from you and  Detox is an always evolving project!

 Detox FB fan page

We know that was tempting enough for you so … hit that link to the right and get you own Detox with your favourite color, even better, plan for a full set … we know you will not have enough with just one, you’re gonna want to fly it everyday on every wind!



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