We have been making quad line kites for the best part of the last 10 years. We have been improving all the aspects of the kites, bringing new technologies to them and changing the design to a point where our quads have become a full-blown design of its own.

We have been blessed by the original designers of the first quad in history with their confidence and trust on our workmanship to have been the only company officially allowed to make their kites with our techniques.

Those have been years of a great relationship and we will always be glad of them. But markets evolve and Los Hermanos need to become a brand of our own, is the only way we can maintain the high-quality standards we impose to ourselves and keep designing breakthrough products.

We keep producing our beautiful printed kites with our own brand on them with even higher quality, attention to detail and constant innovation.

To you, our valued customers and friends who have trusted our kites for so long, there will be no difference other than the always increasing quality of our kites. We’ve always been part of the family and will always be!

Have a look at these pages to get an idea of our range!